Changing Lives Through The Arts

Providing Trauma Informed, Mindfulness Based Therapeutic Arts Workshop Experiences

Stitch Meditations 

(Created by Liz Kettle)

Mindful and Meditative  Art

Therapeutic Mindfulness Based Expressive Arts for Grief

Mindful Art for Self Care

Trauma Informed, MBSR Based, Mindful and Meditative Art and  Expressive Therapeutic Art workshops offered online and in person with revenues supporting homelessness supplies and personal grants.

We offer groups and organizations custom designed arts education experiences that assist in stress reduction, mental health support and well being,  grief process and substance abuse recovery support.  Our workshops are provided in the Kansas City metro area as well as globally through in-person and virtual delivery.   

We are a recognized 501c3 and registered nonprofit assisting the homeless through providing funds and goods for their care and shelter in the Kansas City area with the revenues from our work.  We identify as a BIPOC , disability and women led non-profit. We are a tax deductible organization and welcome your donations.  

In kind donations are welcome!  We always need travel size bottles of hygiene supplies, mylar blankets, socks, lip balm, and hand warmers.  Monetary donations can be made as well, contact us for more information.

Join us for free Monthly Stitch Meditations!  

Every First Monday of the month (except in July 2023) Dr. Waters, a Certified Stitch Meditation Teacher from Liz Kettle's Stitch Meditation program will teach and lead you through a monthly practice of using simple stitches like the running stitch, the backstitch and the cross stitch, to get out of your head and into the quiet of the soul.  She uses the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness and pulls one topic to focus on each month during the session.  The experience is process oriented, not product oriented and so "ugly" is good.  The practice asks you to come into present moment awareness by focusing on body sensation, the breath, slowing down, letting go, and nonjudgement through this moving meditation.   The meditations are held on FB Live and posted here after.   In the upcoming months they will all be available for free on the Stitch Meditations page.

Online, self paced, courses that offer tons of creating opportunities, mindfulness, therapeutic art, intuitive based, process oriented art practices.

Our workshops are 100% online, self paced or live and with interactive support, facilitated by Dr. Jessica Waters, registered psychotherapist (CO) and substance abuse counselor (MO), certified trauma professional, grief specialist, expressive arts and mindful and meditative arts therapist and integrative mental wellness practitioner.  She has over 30 years of experience in arts education, professional development, school based services, substance abuse treatment  (OP and IOP) as well as private practice. 

We can customize your workshop for your needs.  Topics we've taught include:

We are a Silver Star 501c3 Organization

Services provided 2022:

Supplies for over 600 warm and personal hygiene kits.

Supplies for nonprofit food pantries with walk in homeless or home challenged individuals.

Cash grants to home challenged individuals on the streets providing temporary shelter, meals and groceries.

Personal wellness supplies and therapeutic art coaching for low income women struggling with mental wellness or substance abuse.

 88% of our revenues go to programming.