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Trauma Informed, MBSR Based, Mindful and Meditative Art Certification, and  Expressive Therapeutic Art Certification programs.

Find out more about our unique blend of trauma informed, mindfulness based, therapeutic art workshops and certifications programs in MBSR Based Mindful and Meditative Expressive Art Facilitation  and Coaching, Therapeutic Mandala Practitioner, and Mindful and Mindful and Meditative  Mandala Specialist.   We  also offer the only therapeutic art certification program based in the United States, our Therapeutic Arts Facilitator Certification Program that includes sacred ritual and energywork practices.

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Online, self paced, courses that offer tons of creating opportunities, mindfulness, therapeutic art, intuitive based, process oriented art practices.

Our programs are 100% online, self paced and you have lifetime access but also have interactive support in discussion and periodic Zoom sessions for Q & A's. There is no time limit to completion. For our Mindful and Meditative Facilitator Certification Program, upon completion of the MMA program you receive complementary credentialing for the first year through IMMAAA due to our highly qualified status. The each program requires passing quizzes at a 80% accuracy rate, a portfolio of your work that you complete. Some programs require actually facilitating a session (either live or virtual) and working with a client 1:1. Support is provided throughout the program electronically and you can always schedule coaching sessions. I don't just leave you to figure out how to teach or to navigate everything alone. We teach you how to teach and as a former art teacher of a couple decades, curriculum designer and professional development trainer, I have the skills and experience. Demonstration videos of actual workshops are provided within the content of many of our facilitator programs. All our programs come with workbooks and abundant downloads for your use with clients or for self discovery.

Our programs are different because they infuse Sacred Ritual, Energy Medicine and Transpersonal Metaphysical components into your lessons and learning.

Our Trauma Informed, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Based, Mindful and Meditative Art Program is certified by three international organizations and upon graduation of the program you are eligible to receive registration through CTAA as a Mindful and Meditative Art Facilitator. You are also eligible through IMMA to apply for membership as a recognized Mindfulness Teacher or Coach. We are a High Quality program through the International Mindful and Meditative Art Accreditation Association (IMMAAA) and you also receive free credentialing through them with no renewal fees. They have several levels of credentials that correspond with your education and background.